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A legal analysis of Byrd Underground v. Angular from the perspective of Mechanic's Lien laws and regulations in New York State.

Jul 30, 2021

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By John Kiritsis, Esq., CPA, MBA, MS, JD, LL.M


Legal frameworks across the U.S. , in one degree or another had to be reset in the heels following the outcome of the Byrd case.


In the Byrd Underground, LLC v Anguar, LLC, two subcontractors filed mechanic’s lien on work done for a construction project conducted by a joint venture. That joint venture also had an obligation to a construction lender. A bankruptcy court stipulated that the lender was the only “Class 1” secured creditor. The lien claimants objected, however, the bankruptcy court held the Dirt Subcontractor and the Site Preparation Subcontractor’s interests in this matter could not be superior to that of the lender’s because the subcontractor’s interests never attached to the subject property at the time of their work.


After the court’s decision in Byrd Underground, LLC v Anguar, LLC, jurisdictions and courts changed their tone, and construction lenders have changed their behavior:


Construction lenders must file notice of their lending (especially once a disbursement of funds from that lender has occurred) as soon as possible and, ideally, prior to the commencement of any work on the subject property, regardless of whether such work is considered preparatory, vertical or horizontal construction work.


In order to properly protect a construction lender’s rights, a lender should never hesitate to file its notice of lending with any transaction where funds are advanced for the purpose of completing construction.


Regardless of whether or not a lender views the activity of a contractor or subcontractor to be general construction work or site preparation work, the majority of jurisdictions have begun to make it clear that, if a construction lender does not timely file or record notice of its lending, then a contractor or subcontractor’s mechanic lien rights and interests may take priority over the lender’s.


After reviewing hundred of New York and New Jersey construction contracts , by far and away, one of the more common mistakes made with regards to preparing a construction contract, is lack of fundamental understanding of the laws surrounding mechanic's liens, as well as, failure to appreciate their possible legal effect on real property and projects.


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